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Salesforce Mobile Overview

With Salesforce, you can build mobile apps faster with a unique combination of metadata and code-driven tools and lets you use the right tool for the right task. You can instantly deploy apps to your users with the Salesforce Mobile App usingdrag-and-drop component-based development, while the Salesforce Mobile SDK and Heroku allow developers to build fully custom apps with any language or framework.

Deliver mobile apps faster with powerful no code builders, pro code tools and enterprise services.

Features of Salesforce Mobile App Development

All the power of Lightning

The Lightning Platform enables developers to create and deploy trusted cloud applications that are rock solid, secure, and scalable without worrying about provisioning hardware or application stacks. You get the fastest out-of-the-box experience, with tools and services to automate your business processes, integrate with external applications, deliver mobile experiences and more.

Instantly Available Runtime

With the Salesforce Mobile App, you get an out-of-the-box mobile runtime that your users can immediately download from the Apple Store and Google Play. You can then rapidly build and instantly deploy custom apps to your entire organization using a library of pre-built or custom components – with clicks or code.

Build Mobile Apps Your Way

Build custom apps using the Salesforce Mobile SDK in your favorite iOS, Android and Windows Mobile environment, or in hybrid apps with your favorite Javascript frameworks like React Native, Cordova, Ionic and Polymer. Get the best of both worlds – complete control over development, and enterprise-grade services from the Lightning Platform.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Whether you use the Salesforce Mobile App or build your own custom mobile apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK, your apps and data are protected by the same trusted platform that drives Salesforce. Your apps will benefit from out-of-the-box access control, authentication, user management, and mobile device management.

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