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CMS Migration

  1. Analysis & Plan
    Analysing either site need to upgrade or redesign.
  2. Prepare
    Prepare & Document the upgrade plan set up the staging server environment with SVN repository. Clear cache, sessions & Search tables and backup database and code bases.
  3. Construct Staging environment Migrating to a new CMS can be challenging, so we must set up staging environment for sucessfull deployment.
  4. Upgrade/Redesign
    Upgrade within major version, Upgrade core to next marjor version, Upgrade existing theme & Upgrade contributed modules.
  5. Test Your Migration
    Before your migration goes live, test it out first on a staging server.
  6. Perform SEO
    we can perform SEO in staging environment for better searching results of your precious users.
  7. Deploy
    This stage is the milestone of our cms migration. In this stage we Put the website online
  8. Support
    After susccessfull deployment, We support and provide maintenance for websites.

We are experts in

Site Location Changes

Domain change / rebranding

Moving or merging parts of the site


Moving international sites

Platform changes

Moving to a new platform

Upgrading platform version

Introducing new platform features

Integrating different platforms

Content changes

Adding or removing pages

Adding / removing / hiding content

Consolidating pages / content

Introducing new languages / locals

Structural changes

site hierarchy changes

Navigation changes

Internal linking changes

User journey changes

Design & UX changes

UX driven changes across devices

Look and feel changes

Media changes

Site performance chnages

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