Testing Services


We partner with you to evaluate existing systems, identify gaps and areas of improvement, and develop best-in-class processes. Our practices are tailored to fit your technology environment and business needs.

At SkyTek, we have a team of highly capable and experienced testers who help the application owners make sure, that their product Interface and User Experience is always a step ahead of the given industry standards.

We provide both Automatic and Manual UI/UX testing thereby ensuring the maximum quality by all means.

Automatic UI/UX testing

Automated UI testing becomes all the more relevant when the same piece of code is being worked upon by multiple people. We have our own in-house automated UI tests that verify the functionality and stability of the interface.
With the use of advanced automation testing tools and environments such as Selenium, JasperJS, Maven etc, we have gained immense expertis

in the automation testing field. Our automation testing features include:

Functional UI testing.

Integration UI testing.

Development of the overall testing environment.

Development and timely scheduling of automated test jobs.

Manual UI/UX testing

One of the old school approaches to UI testing is Manual testing, in which a human tester performs a set of operations and manually checks the stability of the overall application per the requirement.

We follow certain nimble development methodologies which have helped us in gaining vast experience in tackling different types of development lifecycles.

Our manual testing includes:

Development of the complete environments & sandboxes.

Manual testing of the unit module and the integrated systems

Development of the test management workflow & reporting.

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