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Classic to Lightning conversion

Lightning provides interactive tabs, activity timelines and home page components.

Lightning mode takes the sales team through a structured sales process, guided by the Saleforce Einstein aritificial intelligence running in the background.

Salesforce initially started with classic view which has all the inter-related objects in a single page view, though with scroll bars as the contents are always more than a page-full.

Salesforce expects to roll out all their new features on the Lightning mode in the future and it is imperative that the classic users migrate as early as possible, though not mandatory.

Though there are challenges in the process, it has its own advantages.

Drag and drop feature in Lightning helps build reusable components much quicker.

Secondly with lightning, one does not have to develop responsive version of the UI unlike the classic version. Responsive interface is better suited for mobile applications. It automatically adapts to the resolution of the device one is using.

Better user experience through the lightning mode is expected to boost the sales team to win more deals.


Our expertise in Lightning:

SkyTek has experience with Lightning development across sales, service, manufacturing, and other customer initiated functional work-flow needs.
We do a Gap analysis and come up with a project plan addressing the risks involved. We do understand that some of the features in the Classic mode are not supported Lightning requiring work-around.
We will take you through a proven process of Assessment, Redesign, Migrate before we go through a full-fledged testing and QA process. Documentation will be provided to walk you through the approach and the challenges, if any.
In our opinion conversion to Classic to Lightning UI will command substantial share of work related to Salesforce.

Why should move in to Lightning?

Automate your sales process.

Salesforce Lightning comes loaded with new and updated features that make it easier than ever to manage the sales process.

Keep track of all your sales activities.

Sales managers who track individual performance of sales reps to measure sales success often look for metrics such as Activity to Opportunities or Type of Activity. These metrics provide insight into what’s really going on. Are sales reps making phone calls when they say they are? Are they completing each stage in the pipeline?

Focus on higher quality leads and opportunities.

Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that is powered by “advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery”, according to Salesforce. This all sounds incredibly complicated, but the value it provides is actually quite simple.

Develop apps at lightning speed.

With Lightning App Builder, you can completely customize your Salesforce experience to fit your team’s needs. The simple and intuitive drag-and-drop tool allows you to build Lightning pages in seconds by selecting components from the components library, where you’ll find pre-built Salesforce components and components built by Salesforce partners

Clean up duplicate data faster.

Clean data is essential to any organization — when sales reps don’t have to think twice about the quality of their data, the more time they have to spend on what matters most: developing quality customer relationships.

Access data from anywhere, anytime.

We’re in the age where we expect to be able to take work with us wherever we go. This is especially true for sales reps who need the flexibility to take action on opportunities regardless if they’re in the office, on the road, or at home.

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