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CRM Migration

Need for Migration may arise for various reasons

  1. Once reached the limits of the current CRM application or product, in terms of efficiency, users, objects.
  2. Implementing any new business process in the Current CRM appears very cumbersome and the impact is unknown.
  3. Organic or inorganic growth has necessitated such a change.
  4. Design of Current implementation has hit a roadblock and rendered the application un-scalable.
  5. Could be the current application maintenance and tenancy costs need to be optimized.

Migration requires an approach for the migration of data, business processes, access privileges, reports and dash boards and so on.

How it works

While the data migration requires the mapping rules between the two databases, documented business process will help recreating the same in the target CRM.
After creating the required access privileges in the Target application, we would run Our CRM Data Migration service to move your customer and sales data into Salesforce CRM.
You’ll provide us with exports from your current system. We’ll perform sanity checks on the data and then import it into the CRM. Once complete, you’ll be ready to start running your sales team in the new environment!
Salesforce is a world #1 CRM tool, Customer who are already in other CRM tool would like to Migrate to Salesforce. We migrate the data to salesforce CRM without data loss.

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